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Adjectives of character

Teacher's notes:

  1. Ask the students to think of character adjectives, put one on the board e.g. honest and then brainstorm more with the whole group.
  2. Ask them to think of people that have/had these characteristics e.g. Mother Theresa, Michael Jordan etc.
  3. Then give them the handout below and ask them to work through it with their partners.

Answer Key

1. Gap fill:

a) sociable b) a loner c) creative
d) confident e) considerate f) practical
g) generous h) insincere i ) overconfident
j) self-conscious k) sensitive

2. A loner because it is a noun and the rest are adjectives.

The exercise is included on the next page, specificaly formatted for easy printing.
Just print the two pages and enjoy it.

Adjectives of Character

Generous Insincere Considerate
Overconfident Sociable Self-conscious
Confident Sensitive Practical
Creative A loner
  1. Put the words below into the correct gaps.

    1. I am ______________ because I enjoy being with other people.

    2. I am ____________________ because I prefer to be alone.

    3. I am ___________________ because I think of a lot of new ideas.

    4. I am ____________________ because I am never nervous.

    5. I am ___________________ because I think a lot and care about other people and their feelings. I respect people.

    6. I am ________________ because I am good with my hands.

    7. I am _________________ because I give a lot to other people.

    8. I am __________________ because I say things I don't really mean; for example I will tell someone that I like their new hairstyle but really I don't.

    9. Sometimes people tell me that I am _________________ because I always feel sure of myself. I don't mind speaking in front of a group of people, in fact I think I'm an excellent public speaker.

    10. I always worry what people think about me; I am very ________________

    11. I always cry at sad movies. I am ________________________ I worry about other people and how they are.

  2. Of the words above, decide which is the odd one out and say why.
  3. Now decide with your partner, which are positive, neutral and which are negative.
  4. With your partner, discuss which words describe yourself or a friend.
  5. Think of a person from your country who you really admire. Tell the whole class who it is and why you respect him/her.

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