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Fill in the gaps story

Activity type: this is a dictation activity in which the teacher dictates part of a story and the students have to work in groups filling in the missing parts of the story.

Level: Intermediate and above

Teacher's notes:

  1. Tell the students that you are going to read them a story but that you will stop at certain points. When you stop you are going to ask them to work in groups to create part of the story by using the prompts that you provide. Actually that basically means answering questions which will act as prompts.
  2. The prompts are in bold below.
  3. Put the students into groups of three. Nominate one person in each group to be the ‘scribe’ (writer) and tell the others in the group that they are going to work together in teams creatively to make up parts of the story.
  4. Begin by telling the students the first part of the story i.e. that Laura and Mark live in a house. Once you have got to the end of the sentence, tell the students to describe the house. Give the students a few minutes to do this; monitor and correct the written work if you feel comfortable doing so.
  5. Once they have done this, continue by reading part two. Again ask the students the prompts and allow them time to work together.
  6. When you have gone through all of the prompts i.e. all seven ask the students to either read out their stories or for one student to move from each group and to go to a new group with the story. Then ask the new person in the group to tell the others in the new group, his/her story. Listen, monitor and correct as much as possible.

Variation: to make this activity more fun, replace ‘Mark and Laura with to of the students’ names.

For easy printing, the worksheet is on the following page

Part one:

Laura and Mark live in a lovely house.

(Describe the house)

Part two:

Usually they are very happy but yesterday they had an argument.

(What was it about?)

Part three:

Mark got really angry and ……

(what did he do?)

Part four:

Laura got even angrier and said….

(What did she say?)

Part five:

Mark shouted…..

(What did he shout?)

Part six:

Finally they laughed and agreed to…

(What did they agree to do?)

Part seven:

Now they live happily in their house which is near a large town.

(Describe the town)

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