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Famous people on my back

Activity type: this is a fun game in which students have to guess who they are

Level: Pre-intermediate and above

Teacher's notes:

  1. Cut the names out below and get some scotch tape for the lesson.
  2. When the students are in class, stick a famous person’s name on each student’s back.
  3. Tell them that they must find out who they are by asking other students questions. They should try to find out who they are as quickly as possible by asking the other students questions.
  4. Example questions:
    • Am I alive?
    • Where did I live?
    • Did I invent something?
    • Did I make something?
    • Did I sing?
    • Did I act etc.

  5. Tell the students to stand up and to mingle asking and answering questions.
  6. Once the students have found out who they are, stick another name on the students’ backs.
  7. An alternative to this is to ask the students to write a famous person’s name on a slip of paper instead of printing the ones out below. If you do this, you will ensure a good mix of famous people and you will also ensure that the students actually know the famous person.

Famous people:

Brad Pitt

Gwyneth Paltrow

Denzel Washington

Mohammad Ali

Tiger Woods

Tom Cruise

Demi Moore

Queen Elizabeth II

Elvis Presley


The Hulk

Michael Jackson

Elizabeth Taylor

Mr. Koizumi

George Bush

Ricky Martin



Albert Einstein

Harrison Ford

Nicole Kidman

Cameron Diaz

Michael Jordan

Andre Agassi

Pablo Picasso

Leonardo di Vinci

Sylvester Stallone

Bill Gates

Agatha Christie

William Shakespeare

Ben Stiller

Princess Diana

Helmut Kohl



Gallileo Gallilee

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