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Witness to a crime

Level: Intermediate

Teacher's notes:

  1. Explain to the students that they have witnessed a crime.
  2. Tell them to read the roles that you give them carefully.
  3. Give each student a role.
  4. Allow them time to read their roles and then tell them to stand up and mingle with the entire group.
  5. As they mingle they should explain their roles to one another.
  6. At the end of the activity put the students into pairs and ask them to tell each other all of the information that they found out from the other students.
  7. As a follow up activity ask the students to write a report of the crime based on the information that they found out.

You were standing near the drug store; you were talking to a friend who had just come back from vacation. You were listening to her tell you all about her time in Mexico. Suddenly, you noticed three people running from the store.

You were talking to a friend about your vacation outside the drug store, suddenly, your friend shouted, "Look!" You noticed three people running from the store; one was carrying a large bag.

You were waiting in the drug store for a prescription, you were angry because you had been waiting for a very long time. Suddenly, a man pushed in front of you and started shouting. It was 3.30pm; you knew because you had been waiting for your prescription since 3pm!

You were behind the counter in the drug store - serving customers. You were hungry and angry because the customers were being so impatient and you had missed lunch. Suddenly, a man ran up to the counter and told you to handover the money.

You were helping your friend behind the counter in the drug store, you actually work in the bakery next door but it was your break and so you decided to visit your friend – now you wish that you hadn't! Suddenly, a man shouted, "Give me the money!" You tried to hide but he saw you! He had blue eyes and was wearing a green shirt and a black sweater with a hat. Your friend gave him $2,000.

You heard a man shouting in the drug store; you were looking for headache tablets. Suddenly, you heard a man shout, "Give me the money!" It was 3.30pm; you were going home to watch Oprah Winfrey, she was doing a special program on violent children.

You were standing near the counter in the drug store, you saw a man wearing a casual pair of black pants and a sloppy sweater. You were surprised because it was the middle of the summer. Suddenly, he shouted, "Give me the money!"

You were holding the door of the drug store open for a woman with a baby. She had a lot of things to carry and so you tried to help her when suddenly two men pushed you; you almost fell! As they ran away, you saw that they were wearing black sweaters.

You were walking into the drug store with your baby. You wanted to buy some diapers. You noticed a man open the door for you, but as you walked through the door two men came out and pushed you out of the way.

You were standing by the mailbox near the drug store trying to mail some letters, when you saw three men running from the store. One had a bag and two were wearing black sweaters, the last man was following them, he was wearing a red shirt.

You were working at the front of the drug store putting cans on the shelves. You were wearing a red shirt and a black pair of pants. Suddenly, you saw two men running from the store with a bag. You ran after them to try to stop them.

You are a police officer. You were standing on the street corner. You suddenly saw three men running toward you; you knew that they were in trouble. You chased them but you only managed to catch the one wearing a red shirt and black pants. When you told him to stop he resisted.

You were watching TV at home; Oprah Winfrey was on - your favorite. It was about 4.15pm when the phone rang, it was the police, they said that John had been arrested for stealing money from the drug store. You couldn't believe it- not your son and not when your favorite program was on!

You own the drug store. The police called you at 5pm to say that they had arrested John. You have no idea what happened but you always thought that he was a problem.

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