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Reported speech role play

Level: Intermediate

Teacher's notes:

  1. After you have taught reported speech, put the students into groups of three.
  2. Explain that one person in the three is a rich actress/actor, one is his/her niece/nephew and the last person is the butler.
  3. The actor/actress is hearing impaired and dying.
  4. She is going to decide what to do with her money and house after her death.
  5. Set up the class so that the actors/actresses are on one side of the room, the nieces/nephews on the other and the butlers in the middle.
  6. The butlers need to give messages from the nieces/nephews to the actor/actress.
  7. The aim is for the butler and the nephew/niece to be nice so that the actor/actress will give them her money.
  8. As they are doing this the butler will use reported speech e.g. She said that you are lazy and never visited her. He said he was busy and didn't have time. He said that he was helping animals.

You are the niece/nephew of a very rich, famous hearing impaired actress.

You know that she hasn't got long to live. So, for the moment you are trying to become her favorite relative in order to obtain her millions after she is dead. You know that she loves animals and children. You also know that her dog is her closest friend. What do you think will make her give you some money?

You are the butler to a rich, famous hearing impaired actress.

Actually she hasn't got long to live and so you are being very nice to her at the moment, you think you have a good chance of being left her millions in her will. You have always helped her and you have looked after her cats and dogs with care. You think you should at least get the house which you have cleaned for nearly 40 years! You don't like her niece/nephew who has suddenly made an appearance.
You always have to act as a go between for the niece/nephew and aunt because the aunt can never hear her relative.

You are a rich, famous, hearing impaired actress.

You know that you haven't got long for this world but you don't mind because you have had a good life. You also know that your niece/nephew wants something but you're not sure what.
You have already written your will but you are prepared to change it.
Your will: $ 2 million to be left to the animal rescue league (you love cats)
Your house will go to your dog. It has been a faithful companion animal and you want it to have a home when you're gone.
Your jewelry will be sold at auction in order to raise money for the children's hospital near your house. You haven't decided about the rest, a sum total of $150,000. Your butler has always been good to you. Your niece/nephew is also sweet. You are waiting to hear what they have to say. You feel that if they can show you how good they really are you will give the money to either one of them.

As a follow up lesson:
Ask the students what type of words "hearing impaired" and "companion animal" are i.e. politically correct. For homework ask the students to think/find of more politically correct words. The students can compare their lists when they get back into class.

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