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Whether you are taking a break between your lessons or just want to relax, the below quick games will help you do just
that. Please be careful because most of these games are quite addictive. In order to play them, you will need a browser
with enabled java programming. Some games will work only in Internet Explorer.
Have fun!


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Adjacent Spheres - Match the adjacent spheres of the same color to clear the board.
Ants - try not to let the ants get your mouse cursor. No thinking needed.
Battleship - famouse battleship game. You play against your computer.
Chess - a game of chess. Computer is not too good so you can win the game quite easily.
Concentration - memory game. Try to clear the board by uncovering a pair of same cards.
Lights Out - tick all the cells of the table. Each time you tick one cell, four surrounding ones get unticked.
Magic Squares - arrange the squares in the correct order.
Peg - try to get rid of all pegs but one by jumping pegs over other pegs.
Tic Tac Toe - famous tic tac toe game. Your opponent, the computer, is quite sharp.

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